When Michael listed the home, we had an offer in just 4 days and for $10,000 above our list price!

14526 Pickets Oaks Road - Print-101Michael Sobhi provides extraordinary service. We had previously attempted to sell my home with two other Realtors over the course of about a year. While there were dozens of visitors, no offers were tendered. So you can imagine our frustration. Michael reached contacted us claiming he could sell the house without delay. Keep in mind, you get a bunch of these Realtor phone calls when a home is withdrawn from the market. But he seemed very energetic and excited at the prospect of selling the home, so we allowed him to stop by.

He explained his technique of selling a home and he recommended a few paint touch-ups, nothing big. I also sought a professional photographer to take quality photos of the home, something we hadn’t done earlier.

When Michael listed the home, we had an offer in just 4 days and for $10,000 above our list price! I didn’t know that was even possible. Unfortunately, those buyers began to run into financing issues. Michael worked closely with their Realtor and lender in an effort to find a solution. Sadly, it didn’t pan out and the buyers had to walks away. Though he was able to recoup some of their deposit for us to cover our lost time and expense.

He re-listed the home again. This time we got another offer in about a week and for about $3,000 more than the list price. Not quite as good a deal as before, but who can complain? It was for more than we advertised. He also managed to get the buyers to waive any and all inspection items. So this really hastened the deal and saved us money.

Michael Sobhi maintains great communication throughout the entire process (phone, email, SMS, whatever works for you). So you are never in the dark. He’s very enthusiastic and upbeat even when facing challenges. I highly recommend.


Chris Ekechukwu